Our Products

Let Metro Ready Mix products speak for themselves.

Just like life, a structure is only as good as its foundation. That’s where we come in. We provide high-quality ready mix concrete for all of your construction needs. Whether that includes a foundation, a driveway, a parking lot or a highway, you can count on our product and our team.

What We Offer

Affordable, industry-proven aggregate as the base for every project. We also have several admixtures, fibers, pumpable mixes, compounds, repellents and primers to choose from – arming the concrete to withstand the good ol’ Oklahoma elements. Our expert batchmen know the ins-and-outs of concrete, creating a concrete design as unique and lasting as your project. Sit tight while we list few of our options.

The Basics.

Choose from: No. 67 stone aggregate, No. 8 stone aggregate or lightweight aggregate upon request.

The Additives.

Choose from: MRWRA (Mid-Range Water Reducing Admixture), HRWRA (High-Range Water Reducing Admixture), fiber mesh, curing compounds, water repellents, accelerators, stabilizers and retarders.

You order it. We pour it.

After the batchman perfects your concrete, our team gets it there. Anytime. Anywhere. Your specialized ready mix comes ready to finish. In fact, we get down and dirty for the pour so that you can focus on the finished project.